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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

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Missed Reconcile after Gated Check-in

[UPDATE: this blog was moved to a new one]

If you work with Visual Studio Team Foundation Server and are using Gated Check-ins, after the build is done in the server you receive a nice Message Box with a nice Reconcile button.

Sometimes it happens that you close or miss that message… and then what? Your files are still checked out, the projects you added are with the yellow cross besides them in the Solution Explorer, etc.

Ok, never mind. Just go to the Team Explorer, open the Builds node and double click the corresponding build definition (if you know it) or just All Build Definitions. Use the filter that appears in the top of the opened tab to find the builds you recently triggered.

Once you find the one you're looking for, right click it and click on Reconcile Workspace in the Context Menu.

Now you are able to follow the same steps as if you wouldn't have missed the Message Box after the Gated Check-in with the Reconcile button.

As always, feel free to leave any comment, suggestion or question that you may have.

Hope that helps!

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Hi, this is Nereo. I've spent my first professional years as .Net Software Engineer, and then moved more into Agile Methodologies. Anyway, I keep playing with all the new technologies that appear, and specially love Hybrid Apps!

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  1. Thank you for putting this up. I wonder if anyone ever stops to ask themselves if this should be necessary in the first place. I have used other approaches to revision control and varying degrees of IDE integration and never have I seen such a mess as when MS puts something like this together.

    1. What if you have missed your window where the build was available and now it has been deleted. How do you now reconcile your changes and get your files out of 'edit'?

    2. If you compare your local to the latest you will notice that they match unless someone has since checked in additional changes. You can undo your checkout. It's tedious because I feel compelled to check every file one at a time to ensure that I'm not losing my work. To date I've yet to see a case where it didn't match so I could really just select all pending changes and undo if I were brave enough.

  2. Thanks for the information. I also agree with Anonymous

  3. Too bad this no longer works. The options do not appear in the right click context menu.


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