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Monday, November 21, 2011

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There appears to be a discrepancy between the solution's source control information about some project(s) and the information in the project file(s)

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TFS Source Control discrepancy

Recently we had a problem at work with the TFS. It was down for almost 3 hours. The TFS team sent us and email saying that we should connect to a new server from Visual Studio. So we did.

After connecting to the new one I saw some project files in my pending changes that I did not checked-out. I tried to make an Undo and receive the following error:

"There appears to be a discrepancy between the solution's source control information about some project(s) and the information in the project file(s)"

Open the project file (with notepad, or unloading the project and right clicking it and selecting Edit) and look for the node <SccAuxPath> and see the value it has. Now, right click the project file again in the Solution Explorer (if you unloaded it, reload it) and click on View History. Double click in the last one that was ok, so you will see the file's code and you can now look for the same node. You will see a different value in the Server's project file than the one you have in the Local's project file.

The only thing you should do is align them. Use the same value for them. Probably it is best to update the Server's file with the new value of the Server's address (your Local file version would probably have the new Server's address).

Another option you have is to set in both "SAK" (without "") in every Scc starting node (there should be 4). "SAK" is, shortly explained, a flag that tells Visual Studio that the project is under Source Control and the real bindings are persisted in the mssccprj.scc files.

"...csproj.vspscc could not be found in your workspace or you do not have permission to access it."

Together with the other error I faced this one. In order to be able to solve this the first thing is to check if the user under whom you are running VS has permissions enought. If the user does, then you have a problem with your Workspace. The only thing that worked in my case was re-creating it. Make sure you check-in all the changes you want to keep  before deleting your current Workspace. You can create the new one with the same name and in the same location.

As always, please feel free to leave any comment, suggestion or question you may have. Hope this helps!

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thankyou!

    My workspace was in a rather angry state - it wouln't let me merge as it was telling me "The Item $/path/file has an incompatible pending change." even though i had nothing checked out. Removing and recreating the workspace fixed this for me.

  2. Thanks Frank! Great that you could solve it :)

  3. Thanks Priya, it is great to know it is helpful.
    I wish I had more time, it's been a while since my last post :(


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